Helicopter dry barrier filter certification

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Pall has announced the FAA certification of the PB100D PUREair Dry Barrier Filter as an FAA-PMA direct fit replacement for oil-wetted filters. Originally unveiled last fall at Helitech International in Amsterdam, this PUREair Dry Barrier Filter extends the already successful PUREair portfolio of products available from Pall Aerospace and DART Aerospace. The PB100D PUREair Dry Barrier Filter is designed as a direct fit replacement for oil-wetted filters and has been specifically designed using advanced synthetic dry media technology that virtually eliminates the maintenance associated with conventional oil-wetted barrier filters. The Pall Aerospace PUREair barrier filter is cleaned with water only and is ready for reuse within minutes. Pall PUREair Dry Barrier Filters also exhibit superior durability and resistance to corrosion that many oil-wetted filters are susceptible to. By using the inherent strength of the synthetic media to eliminate heavy wire mesh support structure from the filter, the PUREair Dry Barrier Filter will not experience corrosion that could compromise the safety and longevity of the filter. “Oil-wetted inlet barrier filters are adapted from 1950’s automotive air filtration products and have been due for updating to 21st century technology for years,” said James Hardy, Global Product Manager for Pall Aerospace. “We’re pleased to introduce the next product in our PB portfolio and give more operators an opportunity to experience oil-free filtration.” The PB100D for the Airbus Helicopter AS350 joins the PB110D for the Bell 206L/407 as the first in a planned series of certifications for direct fit replacements for Bell 206L/407 and Airbus Helicopter AS350 barrier filter installations. “We are excited to add the PB100D to our list of certified PUREair product offerings,” said Alain Madore, Vice President of DART Aerospace. “We can now deliver improved inlet filtration on both Bell 206L/407 and Airbus AS350 platforms, which is an exciting development for our customers. The feedback on the first certified direct fit replacement filter, PB110D, has been very positive, and many customers are making the conversion.” Pall Aerospace and DART Aerospace will be displaying the PUREair product portfolio at Heli-Expo in Orlando March 3-5. This will include the newly certified products as well as others pending certification for direct fit replacement on FDC/aerofilter™ and Donaldson® products for the AS350 and Bell 206L/407. Other products are planned and will be announced as the portfolio develops.

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