Gothenburg showcases innovative electric buses

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Innovative charging for electric buses

Volvo recognises employees involved in development of Gothenburg electric bus power trains with innovative charging and energy management systems.

Volvo has presented its 2016 Volvo Technology Award to a group of employees responsible for electric power trains on buses. Led by the Chief Project Manager, Fredrika Berndtsson, the team of 5 employees from Volvo Trucks Technology and 5 employees from Volvo Buses, came up with innovative power train developments that have been deployed in electric buses on Route 55 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

By using these buses within the city, Gothenburg is demonstrating how it is possible to convert to electric public transport in silence and with low emissions. Having such a system also enables the city transport department to deploy indoor bus stops.

The proprietary powertrain used in the buses has the advantage of having less weight and uses eneergy more efficiently than other similar systems on the market, making it a very cost effective option for the city.

In addition, smart safety systems on the bus recognise “safety zones” in the city and automatically reduce the vehicle’s speed in these sensitive areas including the vicinity around schools.

Explaining the innovative features of the powertrain, Fredrika Berndtsson said, “We have developed our own two-speed gearbox connected to a high-speed electric machine and energy storage system that efficiently balances the need for batteries with charging at end stations.”

Since launching its first electric hybrid bus seven years ago, Volvo has sold more than 2500 units which are operating in more than 20 countries of the world. The innovative approach to sustainable mobility has resulted in considerable interest globally with operators coming to Gothenburg to see the new buses in action as well as the depot in the city which maintains the buses.

Commenting on the breadth of scope available for using the new powertrains, Volvo’s Chief Technology Officer, Torbjörn Holmström said, “One strength of the now lauded electric powertrain is that it can also be adapted to our trucks, construction equipment and Volvo Penta’s customers’ needs as soon as the market is ready for electric power in these areas.”

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