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Industrial flue gas monitoring for carbon monoxide and other gases

Spanish steel production plant invests in flue gas analysers to monitor and control its emissions.

One of the largest manufacturers of steel long products in Europe and operating in 11 countries, the Celsa Group operates a mixture of steel mills, rolling mills and transformation plants as well as an assortment of distribution operations, service centres and recycling companies.

Operating in such industries places a high focus on the control of emissions and the requirement to meet both local and international standards. This was placed sharply into focus at Celsa Group when abnormally high Carbon Monoxide (CO) readings were recorded at its billet reheating furnace exit at the company’s Castellbisbal plant in the Spanish city of Barcelona. The plant produces small section profiles as well as square flat and angular rods for industries such as construction, automotive, energy and equipment goods.

In order to meet emission legislation and to better monitor its CO levels, Celsa Group needed to replace its portable analyser system with a fixed one. After a thorough review, the company chose Ametek Land’s FGA 930 flue gas analyser, which is part of the FGA 900 range of 3-in-1 multi-gas analysers.

Flue Gas Analysis

The compact, innovative FGA 930 flue gas analysers accurately and reliably measure flue gas for Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) applications on processes that burn natural gas and biomass. To ensure accurate measurement, Celsa Group installed the FGA 930 close to the stack and with the probes mounted high inside, at a height of 1.5 and 5 metres, respectively.

By installing the analyser, Celsa group can now continuously monitor its CO emissions, detect unburnt gas and prevent burner failure all while improving the overall efficiency of its furnace combustion.

Easy to operate, the FGA range allows for better process control, which lowers fuel costs and ensures emissions can be kept within compliance levels.

Analysis Technology

Ametek Land’s design uses a pair of sensors to analyse each of the species in the sampled flue gas, alternating every 30 minutes. This extends the sensor’s lifetime and ensures a stable baseline, which are essential for low-level measurements, delivering high sensitivity and low drift.

The FGA is applicable to any combustion process where the sulphur dioxide concentration is less than 50 parts per million, making it a vital method for the mineral, steel and power generation industries.

An alternative to traditional, multiple-analyser CEMS, the FGA integrates sample conditioning, gas analysis calibration and data processing into a single system. This provides a robust, reliable emissions measurement for regulatory compliance in smaller combustion processes.

Featuring fully weatherproof enclosures sealed to IP65 standards and optional heating or cooling for extreme environments, the range of FGAs are TUV and MCERTS EN14181 QAL1 approved for emissions measurements in Europe. They also meet the requirements of US EPA Performance Specifications 2, 3 and 4 for the relevant gases. The range of FGAs is engineered for easy use and low maintenance needs. The analyser’s automatic calibration allows for unattended operation.

Juan Jiménez Solís, Maintenance Manager at Celsa Group, said: “The system from Ametek Land has given us peace of mind and reassurance that we are not exceeding CO and CO2 levels, in line with current legislation. It has also helped prevent burner failure, which has improved asset management and reduced costs.”

According to Iñaki Araquistain of Ametek Land, the FGA 930 installation at Celsa Group’s Barcelona facility will give the company assurances that it has an effective monitoring system that enables continuing compliance.

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