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PRI probe from Sensonics needs no tuned cable and can be used without external drivers

Proximity probe assembly provides signal processed output for direct use and analysis

Sensonics has added the fully integrated PRI Series of proximity probes, offering a single probe assembly with direct processed outputs which eliminates the need for a separate driver.

Recent design enhancements have resulted in improved performance for less demanding OEM applications with operating temperatures up to 120ºC such as; industrial gearboxes, pump fans, blowers and hydro-generator applications. Meanwhile the 180ºC rated standard XPR04 probes with separate drivers would be suitable for use on higher temperature machines such as turbines.

Proximity probes play an important role in machine shaft vibration, position and speed measurements. The PRI is ideal for these applications and provides operators with critical information on the rotating plant dynamic performance and bearing condition.

The high reliability of the probe is based on the lack of external driver and tuned cable assemblies. In contrast, coaxial connector interfaces are a major failure point on standard proximity probe systems because they are susceptible to the ingress of oil and dirt which can result in intermittent connection through either improper installation or mechanical stresses. No cable length restrictions compared to standard proximity probes which are restricted to typically 5m and 9m systems due to the required tuned circuit between the separate driver and the probe. The PRI series has no such restriction and can drive long cable distances (>500m) to the connecting equipment.

Using the same 8mm diameter tip as per API670 proximity probes, the case body is available in the standard M10 and 3/8” UNF variants providing an easy retrofit option. There is no need for system matching, which means that the right driver, extension cable and probe are assembled on the machine. The PRI is available in a standard 10m cable for direct termination to the connecting equipment or a local junction box.

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