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Senseye helps companies in the manufacturing and related sectors save money and reduce risk by predicting the future health of their machines and equipment.

As the web-based product is still in development, Kampa is looking to attract manufacturing companies that operate machinery to join a free trial, so that Senseye can start getting data and feedback to help improve the product.

Senseye’s founders come from the aerospace and defence industries, where complex condition-monitoring systems are already able to accurately predict engine performance component wear rates, safety failures and optimisation opportunities. Senseye is aiming to bring this concept to help manufacturing industry, allowing operators to understand equipment performance more accurately and predict sub-optimal conditions and maintenance issues.

Robert Russell, Senseye’s CTO says: “Accurate predictive software has been used for over 20 years in the defence industry. Unfortunately, it’s expensive and complex and requires expert input. We’re changing that with Senseye, by giving the manufacturing and machines markets predictive technology that they can use without a background in engineering or data analytics and for less than the cost of a small pump. This makes it particularly suitable for smaller businesses that have been previously priced out of such products.”

Senseye is now accepting applications to join the web-based software trials for no cost, on a first come-first served basis.

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