Force sensor takes the strain on lateral loads

| Information and Communication Technology

HBM releases its U3 load cell with capability of absorbing lateral forces with affecting its measurement capabilities.

The specifically designed U3 load cell for tensile and compressive forces is now available from HBM. Designed to address the problem of lateral forces, which if great enough can damage or even destroy a force transducer, which can subsequently cause a drop in production, the U3 is capable of absorbing up to 100% of rated forces in the form of lateral force, without losing its measurement capability or sustaining mechanical damage

Featuring a double-sided flange connection, which allows the sensor to be mounted quickly and easily in order to minimise downtime, the U3 is suitable for use in a range of applications in production and monitoring.

With capacities ranging from 0.5 kN to 100 kN, the U3 is an extremely robust load cell which is housed in stainless steel casing, corrosive resistant and is IP65 protection rated.

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