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GWR200 flow sensor

GWR200 flow sensor from Bell Flow Systems provides ease of measurements in various media and simple connectivity.

The APG GWR200 flow sensor for level measurement is available in the UK from Bell Flow Systems. The Systems True Echo Communication Tool, which provides a Modbus-to-USB connection for communication with True Echo Software allows for advanced configuration and monitoring of multiple sensors.

Specifications of the GWR200 flow sensor includes auto calibration for easy setup with the software, a robust IP65 ingress protection housing, innovative signal processing and disturbance signal suppression and a range of up to 10 feet with SS rod or 80 feet with cable. Additionally, the sensors are unaffected by foam, vapours or dust.

The sensor’s NEMA 6 housing comes as standard and its 316 SS or PFTE-coated 316 SS probes can operate in process temperatures from -40° to 203°C. Robust and reliable, the GWR200 sensor makes difficult level measurements easy.

With programmable 4-20 mA or RS-485 Modbus outputs and innovative signal processing, the GWR200 can accurately provide measurement of solids, liquids and slurries at depths of up to 25 metres.

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