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The United States Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has awarded a five-year contract to Pall Aerospace to supply 4,000 PUREair Dry Barrier Filters for the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. Pall was awarded the previous contract for 950 filters in 2014 which have all since been delivered to the fleet. Pall PUREair Dry Barrier Filters provide a superior level of consistent inlet protection over the legacy oil-wetted barrier filters.  The durable, synthetic media cleans simply with tap water and does not require detergents or oil. By using the inherent strength of the synthetic media to eliminate the heavy wire mesh support structure from the filter, the PUREair Dry Barrier Filters are lighter than conventional oil-wetted technology and will not experience corrosion or media degradation that could compromise the performance and longevity of the filter. The US Army recognised the need for an improved EIBF with greater availability and reduced maintenance burden in 2006, and Pall Aerospace specifically developed innovative technology to meet all of the US Army’s and Sikorsky's performance and protection requirements.  When installed on the Black Hawk, the PUREair Dry Barrier Filters result in a weight savings of 14 lbs. “This is the second consecutive DLA award for the PUREair Dry Barrier Filters for the Black Hawk fleet, confirming the value this product provides to the helicopter community” noted Mark Morris, President of Pall Aeropower. “Increasing aircraft availability, while improving the engine’s time on wing are critical to the warfighter to carry out their mission safely and effectively.” In addition to OEM selections of the Dry Barrier Filter technology like Marenco Swisshelicopter, Pall Aerospace has also developed FAA-PMA approved replacement filters using the same advanced dry media technology for the Bell 407 and Airbus Helicopter AS350/H125.  To date, these have been adopted by over 75 operators worldwide who are realizing the same maintenance and operational benefits as the US Army and international Black Hawk users. Pall’s PUREair products will be on display in the coming weeks at the Japan International Aerospace Exposition and at Helitech in Amsterdam.

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