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The latest release of Insight PC from Vaisala provides a number of utilities for smart measurement probe users including field calibration.

In conjunction with the Intelligent 3-in-1 Vaisala Peroxcap HPP272 first shipments, Vaisala released new Insight PC Software for the Indigo product family. Vaisala Insight PC Software is a new utility software that allows convenient setup, diagnostics and field calibration of Indigo compatible HPP272, GMP250 series and all future Indigo product family smart probes.

Vaisala’s Indigo product family is expanding fast. Two of the latest additions to the family are both now commercially available; the new Vaisala Insight utility PC Software is freely available to download and the first shipments of the Vaisala Peroxcap Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity and Temperature Meter HPP272 are already on their way to the first customers.

Indigo is a convenient and user-friendly product family concept of measuring devices. The product family consists of smart, interchangeable measurement probes, an Indigo transmitter and now also the PC Software. The key elements for the product family are user-friendly interface and field calibration, ease of use, probe swap and purchase.

“Stable and accurate measurements are essential for accurate process control in demanding processes. Vaisala as the innovator of sensor technologies has become the industry standard in accuracy and stability – and we are very proud of this at Vaisala”, says Jarkko Ruonala, the Product Manager for the Vaisala Insight PC Software. He continues: “Even the most accurate instruments require periodic calibration. The new Vaisala Insight service interface allows for easy access to probe functions, settings and field calibration: just connect the probe to the computer through the USB service cable and launch the graphical Insight user interface. It will bring customers added value and benefits as it saves downtime associated with calibration as the probe can be changed to a recently calibrated device.”

Vaisala Insight PC Software is available in English and Japanese languages and it operates on 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 systems.

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