Fibre optic sensing for industrial uses

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Industrial BraggMETER optical measurement unit

HBM now provides a range of Fiber Bragg Grating based optical sensors that can be used in industrial environments.

The HBM FiberSensing industrial interrogator range now includes the FS22 Industrial BraggMETER optical measurement units, which are specifically designed to interrogate Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensors in industrial environments.

HBM FiberSensing Industrial BraggMETER optical interrogators have an Ethernet interface, which enables remote connection to any standard PC through TCP/IP. Featuring easy to use software, which can be installed on the control PC, data acquisition, archiving and definition of measurement configurations can also be easily achieved.

Available in different versions, the FS22 industrial BraggMETER is available in two versions; static (1 S/s) and dynamic (50 S/s, 100 S/s, 200 S/s, 500 S/s and now 1000 S/s), with 1, 4 or 8 channels. Furthermore time synchronisation over the network can now be improved with the integration of the NTP protocol in the interrogator internal processing unit.

In addition, for reliable peak value detection, a Smart Peak Detection function has now been incorporated into the FS22 (static) BraggMETER interrogators’ real-time operating system.

Easy to install, the new industrial optical interrogator range meets the required reliability and versatility required to be used in both laboratory testing and field deployment in civil engineering, aeronautics, energy and R&D. HBM FiberSensing interrogators are available in standard, rack-mountable and portable models.

BraggMETER interrogators employ proven continuous swept laser scanning technology. They include a traceable wavelength reference that provides continuous calibration to ensure system accuracy over long term operation.

All HBM FiberSensing’s processes are strictly controlled from development to production. Each product is subjected to high standard performance and endurance tests, individually calibrated and checked before shipping.

What is an FBG optical sensor?

FBG sensors have a number of applications and are distinguished for their use of light rather than electricity as a sensing medium.

The grating is manufactured within the fibre to “tune” it to specific wavelengths of interest and one sensor can have multiple gratings. The optical interrogator is the means of making sense of the sensor output.

The most basic applications for FBG based sensors include the measurement of strain and temperature but such sensors have wide applications in industry and healthcare.

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