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Honeywell fall arrester

A new ladder fall arrester has been designed to enable easy ladder use whilst providing early fall protection in a number of use cases.

Honeywell is introducing a new range of innovative, guided type fall arresters to offer workers using Söll GlideLoc ladders or rails effective protection against dangerous backward falls as well as enhanced comfort.

Fully compliant with the latest EN 353-1:2014 EU standards (personal fall protection equipment – guided type fall arresters), Honeywell’s new Söll BodyControl shuttles are ideal for workers in industries such as telecommunications, utilities and general industry.

“Ensuring protection against the risk of falling backwards with potential very late or upside-down arrest is a key concern for safety managers across a range of industries. Workers want to be as safe as possible when climbing ladders and vertical guide-rails, but they don’t want to give up comfort,” said Konrad Soergel, product manager of Fall Protection Systems for Honeywell Industrial Safety, EMEA. “The new Söll BodyControl shuttles are the only guided type fall arresters available that ensure a quick arrest while also offering an ideal protective mechanism for a range of climbing habits, either close to the ladder or leaning backwards.”

Thanks to its innovative design, Söll BodyControl ensures an effective arrest for both backward and downward falls, which is intended to prevent workers from suffering very late or upside down arrests, which can cause serious injuries.

Designed with the worker’s comfort in mind, the Söll BodyControl range is available with different attachment options to suit different working environments and climbing habits. Söll BodyControl I features a sternal attachment to enable users to climb comfortably close to the ladder, which is essential when it comes to operating in confined spaces as well as caged ladders and manholes. Söll BodyControl II is ideal for workers who feel more comfortable when climbing while leaning backwards. Söll BodyControl II offers two attachment points, both sternal and ventral, that activate the safety catch independently to better enable the worker to arrest safely in fall situations (including backwards).

To enhance comfort further, the wheels of the shuttle move in a suspended axle to ensure smooth running of the device in all circumstances, including when passing joints, thus reducing worker fatigue. The large and easy-to-grip karabiner is ergonomically designed to suit all international requirements, ensuring easy opening and closing even with gloves.

Other features include improved durability with bigger and sturdier polymer wheels – with a lifetime twice as long as conventional wheels – and new shuttle housing design that covers 80& of the shock absorber, offering improved protection against impacts, longer product life and reduced maintenance costs. Söll BodyControl is also equipped with a visual fall indicator for easy inspection before use.

Söll BodyControl fall arresters have been designed to provide the best fall arrest solution in combination with the Miller Revolution harnesses to ensure workers are comfortable and safe. Söll BodyControl I attaches perfectly to the sternal loops of the Revolution R5 harness, and Söll BodyControl II is ideal when attached to the sternal loops and ventral D-Ring of the Revolution R6 harness.

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