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Matthew Pierson, Dalraj Singha and Ben Ellis gain benefit from apprenticeships at Cyber-Weld

Warwickshire based Cyber-Weld Ltd has made a significant commitment to the use of apprenticeships and says they make a major contribution to the business.

More than half of the workforce at the company are either apprentices in training or who have recently completed their training. The company has been taking business-ready apprentices from the Coventry-based Manufacturing Technology Centre for the last seven years.

According to Cyber-Weld, the apprentices who have been trained at the MTC are skilled in engineering basics, have the discipline required in the workplace and a proven ability to learn.

Cyber-Weld supplies robotic engineering and integration services to a range of sectors including automotive, nuclear, aerospace and oil and gas. The company currently employs three MTC apprentices at various stages of their education.

According to Fraser Reid of Cyber-Weld, apprentices are encouraged to use their initiative. They are involved in specifying and purchasing software, developing processes and working on profitable projects. In turn they impress and earn the respect of the company’s clients.

“Supported by the MTC’s infrastructure, we get young, versatile and experienced employees with a wide range of skills vital to our business,” he said.

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