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Significant increases in the demand for electric vehicle recharging points are placing increasing needs for innovative rapid charging stations across the UK.

Evolt has recorded a record year for its Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging business, 12 months that has seen a significant increase in sales and market share in an increasingly competitive commercial charging landscape.

The company, which is part of APT Technologies and began installing some of its first single commercial chargers more than five years ago, has since grown to become one of the largest providers of single, dual and multiple commercial charging points across the UK.

It currently has more than 4000 of its Evolt-branded charging points installed, from the south coast of England to the Shetland Islands of Scotland. It also has a further 160 Rapid Charging stations in place to meet the needs of an expanding customer base that includes 60 Local Authorities and a large number of private businesses

Justin Meyer, General Manager, says that its engagement with consortia and strategic alliances with two of the key industry players have served to consolidate its current strong market position.

“We have quickly established a reputation for commercial EV charging infrastructure, respected for the range and reliability of our systems and a strong support network right across the country,” he says.

“Our growth and increased market share reflect the growing popularity of electric vehicles, as more local authorities and private businesses look to meet their ‘green’ responsibilities and realise the benefits that EVs can deliver.

“Fleets of electric buses, taxis and council vehicles are all increasing,” he continues. “We have exciting plans for 2016 and will continue to invest in new technologies over the next 12 months.”

Among the new products planned for early 2016 is an 800-Volt Rapid Charger with an innovative design, a 20kW triple headed Rapid Charger and an advanced home charging unit with a number of bespoke features that will ensure that an EV unit can be installed in every home.

Other innovations include a series of battery storage systems consisting of a 50kW, 100kW and ultimately 250kW capacity. These will enable expansion of the EV charging network where the power supply is constrained, as well as the ability to work with Green renewable energy sources.

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