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New HQ in Brisbane signals plan to increase global activities to support demand for rapid EV charging infrastructure.

Tritium, an Australian electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure company, has officially opened its Global HQ and major manufacturing facility in Brisbane, which will enable it to increase its capacity potential seven fold.

In a ceremony attended by the Honourable Mark Bailey MP, Minister for Main Roads, Safety and Ports, Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply, Tritium announced the new facility will enable the company to produce 6,000 Veefil fast chargers for electric vehicles a year and will triple the number of high-tech manufacturing jobs.

Tritium’s CEO David Finn explained the new manufacturing plant was a learning line “This facility will allow us to fine tune our production process and make sure we are hitting the high quality levels we want to achieve. However, in the future we will need to be manufacturing closer to our core markets and within five years we estimate Brisbane will be just a small output in our production capacity.

Gearing up for exports

“Around 95% of our sales are export and currently we are seeing a lot of activity in public charging networks in Europe and the USA.”

“The Veefil-RT 50kW fast charger, which was ten years in development, was only launched four years ago and has been an outstanding international success, with innovative technology developed in house. It was the start of a range of fast chargers that is continuing to grow and we are preparing for three new products to be launched next year.”

The Veefil-RT is operational in 22 countries with an impressive customer base of international infrastructure providers, including ChargePoint, Stromnetz and Fortum Charge & Drive.

As well as the Global HQ in Brisbane, Tritium opened a sales and manufacturing facility in California in Q1 2017 and will open a European sales office in Amsterdam in Q4 2017.

Veefil-RT Technology

The Veefil-RT is a technologically-advanced fast charger for all EVs, supporting CHAdeMO & CCS/SAE-Combo standards.

It is liquid-cooled, functioning in -35° C to +50° C, making it more robust than other chargers over a wide range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity and corrosive conditions – increasing reliability and reducing maintenance.

The Veefil-RT has the smallest footprint and is around half the weight of most other EV rapid chargers, increasing location options and reducing shipping and installation costs. It can fit neatly at the end of a standard parking bay within existing infrastructure.

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