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The finalists have been announced for the National Instruments 2015 Engineering Impact Awards taking place at the Royal Academy of Engineering in November.

National Instruments has made a shortlist of the finalists in its 2015 Engineering Impact Awards with the winners due to be announced at the forthcoming Engineering Impact Awards ceremony to be held on Monday, 2nd November at The Royal Academy of Engineering in London.

Celebrating the most innovative engineering projects in Northern Europe which use NI software and hardware, the event will be attended by several of the finalists who will be presenting their applications during the NIDays conference which will take place on 3rd November.

NI’s software and hardware platform helps engineers and scientists to address the most pressing engineering challenges that society faces today and this year’s finalists provide glowing examples of what is possible when domain expertise is combined with NI tools in order to solve the world’s most challenging engineering problems.

The awards are being given in several categories including Advanced Research, Education, Electronics Test & Measurement, the Internet of Things, Life Sciences, Machine Control and Physical Test & Measurement. The diverse range of finalist projects include high speed X-Ray imaging, robotic table football, fingerprint identification validation for mobile phones and smart device connectivity for household energy efficiency.

With its commitment to providing inspiration and helping to prepare innovative scientists and engineers of the future, National Instruments is also celebrating the achievements of undergraduate students in its 2015 Student Design Competition. The three projects recognised at this year’s event include a human robot tele-operation system and a haptic simulator for medical training, both from the University of Leeds and the University of Southampton’s project to design and manufacture a miniature railway locomotive.

More information is available on the Engineering Impact Awards page on the NI website, where information can also be found about how to submit entries for next year’s awards.

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