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CompactDAQ Platform with Time Sensitive Networking
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Integration with time sensitive networking with the CompactDAQ platform enables improved synchronisationi for remote data acquisition.

National Instruments (NI) has released two new multislot Ethernet chassis. The cDAQ-9185 and cDAQ-9189 introduce new time-based synchronisation built on the latest Ethernet standards, furthering NI’s efforts in Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and rugged CompactDAQ hardware for distributed measurements.

The nature of physical systems test is rapidly changing as measurement systems migrate from the control room to closer to the device under test. While this shortens installation time, reduces the cost of sensor wiring and improves measurement accuracy, it creates challenges with synchronisation and systems management, especially using today’s industrial networking technologies. NI is actively working to help define TSN, the next evolution of the IEEE 802.1 Ethernet standard, to deliver distributed time synchronisation, low latency and convergence of time critical and general networking traffic. The cDAQ-9185 and cDAQ-9189 provide tight time synchronisation with TSN to simplify and improve scalability of synchronised, distributed systems. Features and benefits include:

*  Precise synchronised timing over the network, which eliminates the need for lengthy, physical timing cables and ensures tightly synchronised measurements for accurate analysis.

* Simple daisy chaining through an integrated network switch for quick setup and expansion in distributed applications.

* Reliable operation in harsh environments with -40° to 70° C operating temperature range, shock resistance up to 50 g and vibration resistance up to 5 g.

* Software abstraction through the NI-DAQmx driver that automatically synchronises multiple chassis for simple programming.

“These new chassis automatically synchronise measurement data using network-based time. This allows accurate synchronisation over long distances, which greatly simplifies customer setup and systems management of high-channel-count and distributed systems,” said Todd Walter, chief marketing manager of the DAQ and embedded lead user team at NI. “This new, innovative method of synchronisation combined with the signal processing libraries in LabVIEW system design software helps engineers quickly collect and analyse results, which drives faster test completion and higher efficiency.”

For more than a decade, engineers have used CompactDAQ with LabVIEW to quickly customise DAQ systems to meet their application needs. With NI’s investment in the latest technologies for synchronisation and communication, the new CompactDAQ chassis are equipped to meet the current and emerging needs of distributed test and measurement applications, delivering high-performance, rugged DAQ systems that can acquire data from highly distributed sensors.

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