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Schaeffler extends its capabilities in vibration monitoring and analysis with the training and qualification of further engineers.

Two engineers from Schaeffler have gained vibration analysis qualifications from certification body Mobius Institute. Ian Pledger, a Service Engineer gained Vibration Analyst: Category III certification according to ISO 18436-2: 2014. Category III is the third in a four-category classification programme for this qualification. David Goves, an Applications Engineer, received Vibration Analyst: Category II certification.

ISO 18436-2:2014 is an international standard that specifies requirements for the training, relevant experience and examination of personnel performing condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines using vibration analysis (VA). The certification provides recognition and evidence that the holder is able to perform vibration measurements and analysis for machinery diagnostics using a range of vibration measurement equipment.

The course syllabus for ISO 18436-2:2014 Vibration Analyst training involves the study of the principles of vibration, data acquisition, signal processing, condition monitoring, fault analysis, corrective action, equipment knowledge, acceptance testing, equipment testing & diagnostics, reference standards, reporting & documentation, fault severity determination, rotor/bearing dynamics and a training examination.

As Ian Pledger comments: “In February 2017, I attended a five-day training course at the Schaeffler Training Centre in Eltmann, Germany, along with 11 other Schaeffler engineers from around the world. The course involved four days of intensive instruction followed by a four-hour examination on the final day. From our customers perspective, this certificate is important as they can rest assured that any vibration analysis provided by Schaeffler in the UK is carried out by a competent, experienced engineer that holds a globally recognised qualification in this subject.”

David Goves states: “The range of services that Schaeffler UK now offers includes condition monitoring using both online and patrol monitoring, vibration analysis and bearing failure analysis, as well as training and consultancy. In order to give our customers complete peace of mind, it is therefore vital that our service engineers are suitably qualified in the relevant international standards.“

“Earlier this year, I attended a five-day training course at RMS [Reliability Maintenance Solutions], a certified Mobius Institute training provider based in Colchester. The course was intensive but I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to gaining Category III certification in the future,“ adds Goves.

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