Engine test cells to validate against CEC regulations

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Millbrook fuel cell testing laboratory

Millbrook will have its new engine test cells available during June for testing against the requirements of the Coordinating European Council.

Extended development of the powertrain facility at the Millbrook proving ground in the UK is progressing in line with the schedule and will feature four new engine test cells in June to add to existing capacity and provide a means of fuel accreditation against the requirements of the Coordinating European Council (CEC). As well as the test cells, the facility will include a fuel blending area and a central control room.

This latest development at Millbrook is part of wider expansions in its capabilities and follows a change of layout to provide more space and upgrades to its existing test cells to provide improved performance and emissions testing capacity. Overall, the Powertrain department developments during 2016 come at a budget of £11 million.

Commenting on the further investment in the site’s capabilities, Millbrook’s Phil Stones said, “This enables us to increase our support for the petrochemical industry where the development of fuels continues at the pace needed to match new engine technology, increased levels of biofuel content and the search for better fuel economy. This complements our other test facilities and allows us to provide an outstanding service to our customers with our chassis dynamometer and unique proving ground facilities.”

Millbrook is undergoing a constant process of review and updates, something which the CEO of the group, Alex Burns says is necessary to maintain its position for automotive testing in the UK. “Our independent and impartial service is crucial to clients and we look forward to the launch of the new Engine Test Cell facility and the increased capabilities of our Powertrain team,” he said.

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