Engine test cell investment meets stronger demand

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Engine test cell at Millbrook

Millbrook has invested in automotive engine cells and combustion analysis equipment to meet the higher demands for emission and fuel performance tests.

Millbrook Group is continuing to strengthen its Powertrain capabilities with a new multi-million pound investment into engine test cells. The move is in response to strong customer demand and is part of a continued programme of investment. Millbrook tests high performance engines, supports high-end engine calibration and performs test and development for emissions and fuel economy.

The new tranche of investment includes the purchase of an additional 550kw high dynamic engine dyno together with a 370kW high dynamic engine dyno, further emissions benches, combustion analysis equipment, high accuracy fuel measurement, upgrades to combustion air handling for larger engine and better accuracy, CAMEO and DSPACE calibration software packages and various other supporting items.

Alex Burns, CEO of Millbrook Group said: “Millbrook Group continues to invest in its facilities and this latest phase has been welcomed by our existing customer base and provides us with the capabilities to support high-end engine testing. I look forward to seeing the exciting work being conducted by the team.”

The investment significantly increases the capabilities of the current engine test cells, allowing for a higher volume of testing and increase in capacity for testing high-end engines.

Phil Stones, Chief Engineer Powertrain at Millbrook said: “This further investment allows us to improve our ability to test a wider variety of engines, together with having a much higher engine calibration and development focus. The investment has received strong support from our current customers and we also expect to welcome additional customers onto the site in the coming months.”

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