Embedded data acquisition module with ARM processor

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Embedded DAQ module with ARM processor and 8X 400kHz analogue inputs

A real time embedded data acquisition module has been released for highly accurate measurement applications.

Data Translation has released a real-time data acquisition module to extend the company’s recently launched new generation of ARM-based embedded data acquisition products. The DT7816 is based on a Linux platform with Cortex-A8 processor and 2GB Flash memory. The module provides eight 16-bit analogue inputs supporting simultaneous data acquisition with a sampling rate of up to 400 kHz per channel. The key features also include two 400 kHz analogue outputs and 16 digital I/O channels, counter/timer and a tachometer input. All input and output subsystems can be operated synchronously or independently.

The embedded data acquisition module integrates a complete Linux computer and data acquisition technology in a very compact board design for OEM applications requiring space-saving products. All the necessary interfaces for both stand-alone and networked operation are provided, such as an Ethernet interface, a USB client port (eg for data transfer to PC) and a Micro SD card slot. A USB host port for connecting storage devices, GSM or WiFi sticks, an external hard disk drive or a USB hub is also included.

The computer comes with embedded Linux 3.12 and loadable kernel modules for the specific measurement features. The data acquisition module is ready-to-run right out of the box. All functions are supported by user-friendly APIs that simplify the development of custom embedded applications. Comprehensive pre-installed example programs with complete source code help users get started quickly. In addition, the software package includes a range of free compilers and development tools from Texas Instruments.

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