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Electric Ducati scooter range includes an off road version

Two-wheel urban transport gains Ducati design combined with an economical and sustainable power source

A new range of folding e-bikes and electric scooters are being released in Europe for urban mobility under a brand more often associated with high performance motorcycles.

Bologna based Ducati has now teamed up with MT Distribution to peddle the new range of e-bikes throughout Europe beginning this year.

With urban travel and sustainable transport being particularly topical, Ducati has decided to present seven new products, consisting of four electric scooters and three folding e-bikes under the Ducati, Ducati Corse and Ducati Scrambler brands.

During the development of the products, special attention was paid to the design, curated by the Ducati Design Centre, which also collaborated with Italdesign for the folding e-bikes. The result is an innovative collection with an attractive design.

The scooters that come from the partnership between Ducati and MT Distribution have motors from 250W to 500W while the e-bikes are equipped with 250W motors (the maximum value stipulated by law for this type of vehicle). The first two electric scooters to be presented on the market are called Cross-E and Pro II, which are expected to launch this summer.

The Ducati Scrambler branded Cross-E scooter mounts so-called “fat” anti-puncture tubeless tyres, which are also suitable for stretches of dirt or very uneven roads. The brushless motor provides a continuous power output of 500W and guarantees excellent pick-up both at the start and on uphill sections, without undergoing any slowdown in pace. The 375 Wh battery guarantees up to 30-35 km of travel, maintaining an average speed of 15 km/h. The sturdiness of the frame gives maximum stability and riding comfort. The double front headlight allows the use of the vehicle at night with excellent visibility and the management of all the functions, including the 3 riding modes, takes place through a 3.5” LCD display.

The folding e-bikes also have an innovative design and will be equipped with rear lights integrated in the seat post, a battery that is completely hidden in the frame and activation of the lights with twilight sensors.

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