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The UK Prime Minister will be accompanied by companies including sustainable freight and electric truck pioneer Tevva motors on her trade visit to China.

Tevva Motors will be accompanying the Prime Minister on her first trade visit to China. The visit follows President Xi Jinping’s landmark speech espousing the benefits of free trade at the World Economic Forum in Davos last January, and is a further sign of what has been described as a new “golden era” in Anglo-Chinese trade relations.

Tevva is joined by other high profile names from the UK’s automotive sector such as Aston Martin, McLaren and Jaguar Land Rover together with CEOs from other sectors such as HSBC, AstraZeneca and BP. In all, some 40 or so organisations will travel to China with Mrs May representing a range of businesses key to UK plc’s export ambitions. The delegation’s intensive itinerary sees it visit the cities of Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai on the three day trip during which a range of high profile trade deals are expected to be announced.

Tevva, whose initial range of 7-14 tonne electric trucks will be hitting Britain’s roads in full commercial service this Spring, is very clear that export markets are key to its long term growth ambitions. The UK is one of the most forward thinking truck markets in the world in terms of zero emission technology, but it accounts for less than 2% of the global truck market.

Tevva’s aggressive R&D programme will see heavier weight trucks and further new technologies in both hardware and software introduced in 2019 in parallel with the development of key export markets beyond the European Union as well as within.

Tevva Motors’ CEO Asher Bennett said: “City authorities in both the UK and China are placing a high priority on tackling city air quality and the negative impact of NOx and particulate pollution on health. Tevva is at the forefront of truck technologies that can make zero emission freight movement not just a practical reality, but actually the norm and cheaper than diesel over the life of the vehicle. The benefits of this technology are already being recognised within the freight industry – as demonstrated by our growing order book and we are delighted to join the Prime Minister in China as an example of the best of British high technology manufacturing.”

The Prime Minister will be accompanied by International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox.

The Prime Minister said: “The UK and China are both global powers with a global outlook and I am committed to deepening our strong and vital partnership with what is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Our relationship is already broad and deep, and it delivers real benefits for both countries.

We are working together to tackle global and regional security challenges such as North Korea, climate change and environmental pollution, and to develop our strong bilateral trade, investment and cultural links. There are huge trade opportunities in China that we want to help British businesses take advantage of. That is why I’m taking a large multi-sector business delegation with me, representing all corners of the UK and sectors in which the UK excels. My visit will intensify the “Golden Era” in UK-China relations. The depth of our relationship means we can have frank discussions on all issues.”

Liam Fox said: “Trade between our two countries is already worth more than £59bn and UK exports to China increased by over 25% last year. Our relationship is now more important than ever, as we look to form new trading bonds with the biggest growing markets around the world. Indeed, China’s middle class is expected to number 600 million by 2020 – greater than the current entire population of the EU – presenting unrivalled opportunities for UK business. That is why I’m joining the Prime Minister this week, in leading a delegation of over fifty UK businesses to China, from tech SMEs to household names in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Together we are showcasing the best of British and promoting the UK as a great place to invest, creating further jobs and prosperity across the UK.”

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