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Helicopter simulator with Moog equipment

Pilots of H145 helicopter will benefit from training using a simulator from Reiser based on vibration platform and loading system from Moog.

Moog Industrial Group has been selected by Reiser to provide an Electric Motion Base, the vibration platform, control loading system and software to support the training of H145 pilots on a Helicopter FFS-D (Full Flight Simulator – Level D). Reiser was awarded a contract from ADAC HEMS Academy GmbH for the provision of the H145 Helicopter Full Flight Simulator training to support H145 pilots with the most realistic training for their future missions.

Dr Roman Sperl, CEO of Reiser commented on the selection of Moog for the development and production of the H145 FFS-D: “Further to our teaming agreement with Moog a few years ago on G-seats, we are delighted to expand our successful and long collaboration to include the FFS market supported by the leader of the motion systems for FFS level D for pilots’ training.”

The Vibration Platform will provide realistic levels of vibration in vertical, lateral and longitudinal directions to reproduce the specific feel of the H145 helicopter and offer more realistic cueing and motion profiles. The controls of the vibration platform level D, control loading system and seat are designed to support the correct spectrum, amplitude and trend of vibration through the desired operating envelope. The second generation of Moog’s Electric Motion system will run with dedicated next generation software and newly launched Automated Test Module to facilitate QTGs (Quality Test Guide) requirements in the future.

David Speich, director of sales and business development at Moog, commented on the project: “Based on our long experience with FFSs, and commitment to deliver the best possible performance, we are delighted to support Reiser in entering the FFS market and help them continue their 25-year path of excellence.”

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