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Iveco electric delivery van for UK market

Iveco is launching its New Daily Electric light commercial vehicle with regenerative braking and choice of driving modes.

Iveco is attending the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show to launch the New Daily Electric into the UK market. Purpose-designed for urban missions, energy consumption on the new model is reduced thanks to low weight electric auxiliaries and battery life has been extended by up to 20%. The New Daily Electric also boasts an increased payload capacity whilst battery performance is optimised for all weather and temperature conditions, with the batteries 100% recyclable.

The vehicle’s Iveco-patented flexible charging mode allows customers to recharge the vehicle by connecting it to a fast-charging station for an average charge time of just two hours. Best-in-class efficiency is guaranteed thanks to an extended range of up to 280km (174 miles), measured in accordance with the type-approved New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) when operating with a three-battery configuration.

Drivers can choose between two driving modes: Eco and Power. In Eco mode, the engine torque is moderated to minimise energy consumption, without imposing any limits on speed. In Power mode, the driver can enjoy the full performance of the electric drive motor.

The regenerative braking system is another major new feature of the New Daily Electric, allowing the driver to decide which braking method to use while driving. Depending on the characteristics of the road and the traffic conditions, the most appropriate braking mode for that particular moment can be selected, minimising energy consumption while maintaining superb driveability. The New Daily Electric is equipped with a pedestrian acoustic alert system, which is activated automatically when driving at speeds of 0-30km/h – an important safety feature given the vehicle’s near-silent running characteristics.

Iveco will make New Daily Electric available as a van, chassis cab, chassis-cowl and minibus, with gross vehicle weights from 3.5 to 5.0 tonnes and wheelbase lengths from 3,000 to 4,100 mm.

The launch vehicle (a 3.5 tonne chassis cab) is displayed on the Iveco stand with mirrors positioned underneath, to highlight its unique electric-traction driveline.

The launch of New Daily Electric marks the 30th anniversary of the first Iveco Daily powered by electrical propulsion – a vehicle which became the precursor for electric propulsion engines.

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