Electric car share fleet expands in French cities

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Electric Renault Twizy used in Lyon car sharing scheme

The all-electric Renault Twizy is being made available this year as part of innovative car sharing schemes in Lyon and Bordeaux.

The Bluely car-sharing service in the French city of Lyon is being expanded with the availability of an additional 30 Renault Twizy vehicles, with further cars expected to be available in Lyon as well as the sister Bluecub scheme in Bordeaux by the end of the year.

Overall, in Lyon and Bordeaux, the end of 2015 will see a total of 110 of Renault’s Twizy electric vehicles across the fleet. The inclusion of Renault electric cars in the Bolloré car-sharing fleets of Bluely and Blucub is the first concrete outcome of the partnership signed by the two French groups in September 2014.

“Twizy Bluely is the first concrete result of our partnership with Group Bolloré on car sharing and electric vehicle usage. It addresses the twin challenges of urban transport and air quality,” notes Renault’s Philippe Buros.

How it works

The car-sharing fleet expands the now familiar bike-sharing schemes available in many European cities to four wheels. The intention and execution of the schemes are similar. Cars are available at charging stations located in strategic positions in the city and subscribers to the scheme can take a car from any of the charging stations and return it either to the same station or to one of the others in the city. There’s an annual subscription charge plus a half-hourly rate for the car usage.

By using such transport, subscribers can still enjoy independent transport in an inner-city environment without the financial overhead of car purchase and running costs. By using the service, subscribers are contributing to reduced congestion and pollution in the city by using all-electric vehicles from a fixed inventory.

Suitable for car sharing

Renault’s two-seater electric vehicle is fun and exceptionally manoeuvrable owing to its tiny footprint of just 2.3m in length by 1.24m wide. The Twizy has undergone two main adaptations for compatibility with the Bluely charging terminals.

First, it carries a device developed by Bolloré for connecting to the subscription and call-centre system of the Lyon region car-sharing service. Second, the usual Twizy charging cable is replaced by a female connector, taking the cable from the Bluely charging terminal. The Twizy Bluely charging time is up to three and a half hours for a full charge.

First released in 2012, the Renault Twizy is now three years old and in that time, a total of 15,000 have been delivered to customers with the 15,000th to roll off the production line having been delivered to Florence in Italy in March 2015. Examples of the Renault electric car can be seen in 40 countries.

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