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Manufacturer of automatic weighing and packing machines for the food industry chooses HBM load sensors for use on its products.

When LGC Automation in France decided to develop its weighing and packaging machines, it chose to use a weight sensor which incorporated PW20i load cells from HBM.

Founded in 2012, LGC Automation has developed a range of weighing and packaging machines, which are Semi-automatic, economical and are designed to target the needs of small companies in the food and agriculture industry.  All standard models offered by LGC Automation feature one or two product feed hoppers, with the products conveyed by means of vibrating rails or conveyor belts and a mechanism for filling sachets directly or via a bucket.  This makes it possible to put a wide range of food products into sachets, including food products such as biscuits, dried fruits, coffee, berries and confectionary products etc, and small products sold by weight

Weighing and packaging machines from LGC Automation offer short production rates, manual controls, co compressed air installation, simple mechanical and electronic designs and a small footprint, which provides customers with valuable space saving benefits.

Opting to use its own circuit board for the processing electronics, LGC Automation decided to fit all standard weighing and packaging machines with a weight sensor from HBM, which incorporated PW20i load cells, which are optimised for dynamic weighing.

Easy to fit, with two screws to fix it to the machine structure and two screws to fix it to the plate, the PW20i has been designed to meet the requirements of filling sachets, ranging from a few tens of grammes to 1.5 kg with measurement accuracy in the order of a gramme.

The PW20i also offers protection against overloading, which is an important requirement, as the bagging plate can be exposed to shocks, for example as a result of operating errors.  In addition, due to the high resonance frequency of the PW20i, no electronic filters or reduction measures need to be applied.

Specified in accordance with OIML standards and featuring an IP65 degree of protection, the PW20i enables LGC Automation to produce simple, operational and easy to use machines at a very competitive price.

Designed to offer longevity, Therry Cerisay, Founder of LGC Automation concludes: “The cells installed on our machines inspire confidence in every way, especially as they are provided by a manufacturer with extensive experience in weighing with operations all over the world”.

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