Drone Interceptors Go In For The Kill

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Autonomous interceptor drone designed to identify and disable other drones

Counter-drone system with autonomous control takes a direct approach to disabling drones that pose a threat to critical infrastructure or air operations.

An interceptor drone has been developed as part of a counter Unmanned Aerial System project to detect and intercept unmanned aircraft or autonomous drone systems. Counter drone technology provides an additional dimension of force protection for military personnel as well as civilian installations and critical infrastructure.

The system can be integrated with other defence systems or can be manually initiated for target verification and for the interceptor drone to be launched to disable rotary or fixed-wing threats autonomously in any environment, day or night.

According to Brian Schimpf, CEO of the system developer, Anduril, unmanned aerial systems have long been notoriously difficult to defend against: they are widely available, inexpensive and dangerous in the wrong hands. “To counter this threat, our counter-UAS system applies automated target acquisition to give human operators the capability to quickly and effectively neutralise these growing aerial threats,” he says.

As widely available consumer drone technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, traditional radio frequency based counter UAS approaches are already becoming obsolete. Meanwhile, the number of credible threats reported by government agencies has risen as military bases, forward deployed units, critical infrastructure and designated airspace are exposed to a growing asymmetric drone threat.

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