Driver in Motion simulation for EV producer

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Driver in motion simulation for NextEV

Chinese manufacturer of high performance electric vehicles plans to reduce physical prototyping with new simulator with Driver-in-motion technology.

VI-grade will install DiM 150 (Driver in Motion) motion platform at NextEV, the electric car company based in Shanghai, China, with locations in San Jose, Beijing, Hong Kong, London and Munich.

The new driving simulator, designed by VI-grade, engineered and manufactured by Saginomiya, will be the first one in China and it will be installed as a turn-key system at the company’s headquarters in Shanghai. DiM 150 will be used to virtually test the dynamic behaviour of new electric vehicles in forthcoming automotive projects, with particular attention on interactions between vehicle chassis and ADAS and AI algorithms.

“From HP (horsepower) to AI (artificial intelligence)” is becoming the motto of many EV start-ups around the world but this is particularly true for NextEV, the company that is driving the automotive revolution and is the most famous electric vehicle startup based in or backed by firms in China.

“At NextEV, our vision is to build a high-performance smart electric vehicle designed for the mobile Internet era” said Jack Cheng, Co-founder and Executive Vice President, NextEV. “We’re looking forward to taking full advantage of the DiM turnkey system from VI-grade in order to build and market a car that excels in providing an exceptional user experience. We are also expecting to significantly reduce the number of physical prototypes during the development phase thanks to the Driving Simulator.”

“We are extremely happy to report this commercial success at NextEV, because it represents our first installation in China and it shows that the DiM Driving Simulator is an extremely versatile machine serving the needs of many different automotive companies, including the highly demanding sector of electric vehicles”, said Guido Bairati, Sales Director, VI-grade. “Together with Saginomiya and all our reliable partners, I’d like to thank NextEV that officially adds today to the growing list of customers that chose to believe in the superior value of our technology.”

The 9 degrees-of-freedom DiM platform has been designed in order to take full advantage of VI-MotionCueing as well as of all other software technology developed by VI-grade and its partners. The DiM concept enables the extension of the motion envelope and the separation of low and high frequency contributions, which makes this type of motion platform unique and suitable for both vehicle dynamics and ride studies.

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