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Garmin Drive portable navigators

The Garmin Drive series of portable navigation devices now feature a range of driver alerts to improve safety on the roads.

Garmin’s Drive, DriveSmart, DriveAssist and DriveLuxe models of the popular aftermarket portable navigation devices now feature additional functions to keep the driver aware of emerging situations and encourage safer driving.

Such alerts include the approach of sharp bends and railway crossings as well as wrong-way driving warnings and alerts which warn of speed cameras and traffic signal enforcement cameras. A new feature on the latest Garmin PND range is a fatigue warning which operates on long routes, suggesting breaks from driving and informing the driver of available service stations and rest areas. These new features are all added to the existing traffic information function which provides up-to-date alerts of traffic congestion in the area.

The DriveSmart model benefits from customisable smart notifications that uses the navigation screen to inform the driver of incoming smartphone calls and app notifications. The smartphone connectivity on the DriveSmart uses voice-activation and hands-free operation so that the driver’s hands don’t need to leave the wheel of the car.

Built-in dash cam

The next highest model in the range is the DriveAssist which has a built-in dash cam which continuously records video footage onto a microSD card, automatically saving pre-crash footage in the case of any impact. Gaining maximum benefit from the inclusion of a camera, the DriveAssist also includes vision-related additional driver assist functions including forward collision and lane departure warnings.

The whole of the new range can be paired with other Garmin products such as the wireless reversing camera and the in-vehicle baby monitor which provides a view of the back seat of the car.

Commenting on the release of the new range of products and the additional democratisation of road safety that it brings with it, Garmin’s Dan Bartel said, “The most exciting development of the new Garmin Drive line is that driver awareness features typically seen in luxury vehicles are now accessible as an aftermarket product for all drivers.”

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