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TomTom US HD Maps coverage

TomTom is demonstrating its technology enabling vehicle localisation down to lane level for use in autonomous driving.

TomTom has launched its Localisation Demonstrator, a new demonstration device that uses its HD Map and RoadDNA technology to provide lane-level localisation of a vehicle.  The device, using sensors expected in autonomous vehicles, combines TomTom award winning autonomous driving content with TomTom correlation software to demonstrate the precision of the data and the ability to perform real-time lane positioning.

“We believe that this demo enables our customers to truly experience the powerful nature of our autonomous driving products,” said Willem Strijbosch, Head of Autonomous Driving at TomTom. “This demo not only illustrates TomTom’s product innovation but also enables us to elevate the level of engagement with our automotive partners.”

TomTom HD Map and RoadDNA are highly accurate digital map products helping automated vehicles precisely locate themselves on the road and plan manoeuvres, even when traveling at high speeds.

Launched commercially in 2015, these new technologies are being rolled out in strategic locations and are the subject of key partnerships with other automotive suppliers.

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