Decoding software for RF analysers

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Decoding software for RF analysers

Software enhancements provide improved analysis of signals captured with the remote RF analyser range from Narda Test Solutions.

Users of the Narda Test Solutions NRA series rack-mount RF analysers can now dramatically enhance their SIGINT capabilities with Krypto500 or Krypto1000 decoding software, which has been developed by COMINT Consulting of Denver, Colorado.

Available from Link Microtek, Narda’s representative in the UK, the software controls the NRA analyser and enables signals to be captured either manually or automatically with scheduled or triggered recording.

These signals are then classified, analysed and decoded using a continually updated suite of current, on-air modes, thereby providing immediate, actionable intelligence and enabling even inexperienced analysts to quickly and accurately interpret information about a signal of interest.

Running under Windows or Linux operating systems, the Krypto500 software is designed for narrowband signals up to 48kHz in bandwidth, whereas Krypto1000 handles wideband signals (more than 48kHz wide), which are principally found at VHF, UHF and SHF frequencies.

The NRA units themselves cover frequencies from 9kHz to 6GHz and are ideal for short- or long-term observation of all types of RF signals, including pulsed and sporadic transmissions. Particularly suitable for integration into automated monitoring systems, they incorporate an Ethernet 100BASE-TX interface and a 10MHz reference input for synchronisation to the system frequency.

As well as offering an extremely fast sweep rate of 12GHz/s, the RF analysers feature a maximum channel bandwidth of 32MHz and up to 600,000 sampling points per sweep, allowing the user to measure a wide spectrum at high resolution without needing to tune to different frequency ranges.

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