Data centre test system for 100Gb Ethernet

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100 Gigabit Ethernet test system helps data centre operators and network equipment suppliers

Multi-Terabit test system provides analysis capabilities for data centre operators and network equipment manufacturers

With mass deployment in modern data centres, 100GE technologies have matured. Cloud service providers, communications service providers and network equipment manufacturers are now challenged with density and cost pressures on their test infrastructure. This typically leads to a compromise in testing cycles and the use of test systems and methodologies that don’t allow for comprehensive quality control.

The new UHD100T32 test system from Keysight has a space-saving 1U box and users get the power of 3.2 Tbps of line-rate test traffic from 32 ports of 100GE, a requirement to validate the performance of ultra-high-density devices like those found in modern data centres and in manufacturing use cases for full box tests in production lines.

Designed specifically to address the form factor and density challenges of data centres, the UHD100T32 test system provides users with the ability to validate 100GE performance, scalability and interoperability with confidence.

With all fan-out speeds (50/40/25/10GE) enabled, UHD100T32 has the flexibility to test all speeds in a data centre fabric. It also includes technology for Layer 2/3 traffic generation and analysis and RFC 2544 tests for benchmarking throughput and latency of devices. Optional routing protocols are available for Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Intermediate System to Intermediate System (ISIS) that allow users to emulate from control plane to data plane for convergence testing. A clientless operation via web interface and modern “Representational State Transfer” (REST) application programming interface (API) enable faster time to test and easy automation.

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