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VTP11 rotary position sensor

A rotary sensor is available with IP66 rating for harsh environments for throttle position sensing in motorsports.

Variohm EuroSensor’s new VTP11 rotary position sensor combines well-proven resistive element technology and convenient D-shaft mounting in a durable and low cost IP66 rated package that ensures reliable and long-life operation for high performance motorsports – especially for throttle positon sensing. Variohm’s conductive plastic track and multiple fingered wiper assembly has been designed to maintain full sensing contact even in the most arduous shock and vibration conditions. With a 97 degree measuring range and 5 k? throttle range resistance value from a 5…24 VDC input, the VTP11 will suit a wide variety of motorsports and specialist vehicle applications. The mechanical range of the sensor is 112° and its rated operational life is 5 million cycles. Temperature extremes from -25 to +125C with short term peaks to 150C for 15 mins are possible.

The motorsports-standard 8 mm D-shaft through-hole makes installation easy and fast without the need for a coupling, and makes possible form-fit interchangeability with competitive models. Radial slots for M4 screws on a 32.5 mm PCD in the highly resilient glass-filled PBT housing allow for generous mounting adjustment. Three wire connection via insulated leads is available on the standard model with connector options are available on request.

The new VTP11 D-shaft sensor joins Variohm’s comprehensive range of throttle position, steering angle, suspension and gearbox sensors for demanding motorsports applications that offer resistive, analogue and digital outputs in both contacting, non-contact and contactless technologies, with a wide choice of mechanical interfacing options.

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