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Eaton is working with UL on standards for the protection of critical infrastructure involving power and energy management from cybersecurity threats.

Power management company Eaton is collaborating with US-based standards body, UL, to advance cybersecurity for power management technology across different industries. The collaboration is helping to establish measurable cybersecurity criteria for network-connected power management products and systems.

In addition, Eaton’s cybersecurity research and testing facility in Pittsburgh is the first lab approved to participate in UL’s Data Acceptance Programme for cybersecurity. The programme, which is in development and available on a limited basis, aligns Eaton’s testing methods and data generation with the UL Cybersecurity Assurance Programme for UL Standards 2900-1 and UL 2900-2-2.

Eaton’s cybersecurity research and testing facility in Pittsburgh now has the capability of testing Eaton products with intelligence or embedded logic to key aspects of the UL 2900-1 and 2900-2-2 Standards. Through this environment and Eaton’s rigorous cybersecurity process, the company is developing a growing portfolio of products to meet stringent specifications, regulations and consumer expectations for safe, secure power management.

According to some reports, cybersecurity is one of manufacturing’s most critical risk factors and the number of security incidents in this sector was nearly 40 percent higher than the average across all industries (source: 2017 IBM X0Force Threat Intelligence Index). While manufacturers continue to innovate and build safer and more secure technology, assessing risk is critical as cyber-attacks become more complex and difficult to guard against.

“A connected world needs trusted environments, and as we introduce more and smarter technology that enables us to link more elements of everyday life, trust becomes increasingly important,” said Michael Regelski, senior vice president and chief technology officer for Eaton’s electrical business. “Eaton’s collaboration with UL further expands our commitment to continue advancing these new technologies and innovations, while building trust and ensuring the highest level of defence against emerging cybersecurity threats.”

In another milestone, Eaton’s Power Xpert Dashboard recently became the first power management product certified to the UL 2900-2-2 Standard for cybersecurity in industrial control systems. This user portal to Eaton’s switchgear enables customers to monitor, diagnose and control equipment from a remote location.

Through UL’s innovative Cybersecurity Assurance Programme, Eaton, UL and other industry organisations are working together to establish fundamental requirements for testing of network-connectable industrial control systems to enable protection against vulnerabilities and security risk controls.

“We want to help manufacturers, their customers and others to mitigate security risks through science-based assessment and evaluation,” said Ben Miller, president of the Commercial and Industrial business unit of UL. “Our collaboration with experts at Eaton is providing some of the crucial inputs to developing the technical expertise for new standards, and it’s helping advance UL’s efforts to protect our world’s critical infrastructure against ever-increasing cybersecurity threats.”

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