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Remote vehicle control specialist teams up with identity protection company to create wireless smart car technology with built in cyber security.

WISeKey and bright box have announced a strategic alliance to include cybersecurity protection technology in vehicle ICT products, allowing clients to remotely control vehicle functions such as climate control and locks via their mobile phone and to receive information such as the vehicle’s location securely.

All new cars on the market include wireless technologies that could pose vulnerabilities to hacking or privacy intrusions as current systems and data security remain largely unprotected. Smart cars without cybersecurity protection technology could allow hackers to gain remote access by exploiting vulnerabilities in their connected system. While the number of cars connected to the internet keeps growing quickly, smart car manufacturers are working to identify and reduce potential hacking vulnerabilities in their vehicles.

Carlos Moreira, WISeKey’s founder and CEO said, “As cars continue to evolve, essentially they become giant computers on wheels, and they are vulnerable to the very same threats and attacks as home computers, laptops and smartphones. Hackers can easily access the vehicle’s computer system and manipulate the brakes, engine and transmission using laptops from their living room. Our technology is designed to secure and protect identity and avoid malicious hacking.”

The way in which this kind of security works is to provided a trusted environment of known “identities” so that a vehicle sensor or a remote smartphone is a known entity with which the control systems and vehicle computers can form a trusted relationship.

WISeKey is currently deploying several large IoT Cybersecurity projects and is working with car manufacturers to apply its technology to cars to strengthen their Digital Identification of both drivers and smart car operating systems and digitally sign and encrypt the information these cars are sending to Trusted Clouds. The concept is to allow cars to be accessible only via secure identity that can be stored on apps or wearables.

WISeKey’s product reduces potential security threats by:

* Embedding digital certificates using WISeKey’s Public Key Infrastructure.
* Providing a Digital Certificate to authenticate each sensor installed inside a smart car.
* Protecting driver’s personal data as smart cars collect massive amounts of data about the occupants.

“We are pleased to collaborate with such a significant partner to improve security technology in our connected car platform. This partnership offers strong support for our business and strengthens bright box’s company position in the automotive industry. With strong cybersecurity protection, the Remoto product enables car manufacturers to provide their customers highly secured connected cars and to increase driver’s confidence,” said Robert Schuessler, VP of bright box.

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