Contract electronics manufacturer adds EMC testing to its test capabilities

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Contract electronics manufacturer adds EMC testing to its test capabilities
"The EMC cell provides a radio wave free environment to test products for unintentional generation of radio waves that could cause interference," said Michael Walser, Head of Global R&D at ESCATEC. "Almost all products need to be certified by an independent, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test house. Reference measurements under ISO/IEC condition point to where improvements are required to fulfil normative requirements. With our own in-house, near field cell we are in the position to repeatably verify the effectiveness of countermeasures taken to address the weakness at a given frequency. This enables the product to be brought to market faster and reduces costs. Sometimes customers bring prototypes or first samples to Escatec after they have failed EMC pre-certification or certification testing so that we can solve what is creating issues for them."
The addition of the EMC cell is an important part of growing Escatec's contract R&D division. "More and more European companies are coming to us right at the concept stage of a new product," explained Michael Walser. "We offer them a fully integrated and holistic approach from R&D right through to full blown manufacturing that ensures a smooth, rapid creation and manufacture of a product as it is all in-house instead of being passed from one company to the next."

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