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Toyota will use the Ford and Livio developed SmartDeviceLink software for building a voice-activated platform for in-car smartphone app usage.

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota is joining Ford in its choice of Livio’s SmartDeviceLink software as the basis of its drive to provide safe, voice-activated infotainment systems and vehicle connectivity. The framework was announced yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place in Las Vegas.

Ford and Toyota have also invited other suppliers within the infotainment industry to join the collaboration, which also includes QNX Software Systems and UIEvolution. By enabling the use of voice commands in controlling smartphones, the framework aims to provide safe access to infotainment applications in future vehicles.

Toyota will also use the platform for the development of its own telematics system

Commenting on the use of the framework as an industry standard, Ford’s connected vehicle and services director, Don Butler said, “The true benefit of a common smartphone app communications interface is that it creates an industry standard enabling great experiences for customers while allowing different companies the freedom to differentiate their individual brands. Ford is making the software available as open-source because customers throughout the industry benefit if everybody speaks one language.”

Speaking at CES 2016 and focusing on the safety and security benefits of the platform, Toyota’s EVP, Shigeki Terashi told us, “Developing a safer and more secure in-car smartphone connectivity service which better matches individual vehicle features is exactly the value and advantage car manufacturers can offer their customers. We expect that many companies share our view and will participate in the industry SDL collaboration.”

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