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Peugeot and Harman are joining forces on providing cybersecurity protection for the autonomous and connected cars of the future.

Harman and Groupe PSA, a European car maker, are working together to build a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for Groupe PSA’s next-generation connected and autonomous vehicles platform. The announcement marks a two-year joint working relationship between the two companies, spanning across multiple projects–from analysing potential threats, through security design, to a feasibility study of advanced Intrusion Detection Systems for ADAS, Autonomous and Next-Generation vehicle network architectures.

“With more connectivity and technology advancements in the car come incredible safety enhancements but also potential cybersecurity risks,” said Eric Dequi, Senior Expert on EE Architecture and Cybersecurity for Connected Cars at Groupe PSA. “Groupe PSA has been focusing on cyber for the last five years, launching a partnership with the Harman Automotive Cybersecurity team to use their expertise and define the necessary cybersecurity measures for Groupe PSA’s next generation architecture. We have focused on implementing and evaluating Harman’s ECUSHIELD product on a Peugeot Car to establish an Intrusion Detection System proof-of-concept. This level of collaboration has been important and essential for Groupe PSA since 2013 and we will continue to incorporate cybersecurity technologies into the whole lifecycle of our products.”

In a recent report, IHS Markit estimates that cybersecurity software and services revenues will exceed $250 million by 2020, with 20 percent originating from IDPS software revenues.

According to Yuval Weisglass, Vice President, Harman Automotive Cybersecurity, “To protect semi-autonomous and ADAS systems against various types of cyber threats, now is the time to adopt a security-by-design approach, developing unconventional detection and protection capabilities. We’re delighted that Groupe PSA consistently selects Harman as its cybersecurity partner – a strong testament to Harman’s understanding of the intricate concerns and ultimate cybersecurity required by the automotive industry.”

Harman SHIELD, the Cybersecurity Analysis Centre and the new technology preview to protect ADAS systems against cyber threats will be demonstrated during the Geneva Auto Show at the Harman stand in Hall 6.

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