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Advanced driver training VR simulator

The use of virtual reality in a variety of business environments is being demonstrated at a conference to be held using VR simulators.

The as-yet untapped potential for businesses to make use of virtual reality technology across a multitude of disciplines is to come under the spotlight at a conference in the midlands. Delegates will be given access to VR technology developers as well as early adopters who are already using it to transform aspects of their organisations.

The event is being organised and hosted by woote at its conferencing centre in Telford, which is also home to its array of specialist virtual reality simulators, allowing delegates to get hands-on experience with cutting edge hardware.

There will be presentations from the British Army on how it is using VR for recruitment and a representative from Sellafield nuclear plant on its deployment for health and safety training.

VR entrepreneur and woote founder, Tim Luft as well as Patrick O’Luanaigh, chief executive of long-established VR software developer nDreams, will be making the case for putting virtual worlds to work for business.

Tim said: “Virtual reality applications are already being put to excellent use by forward-thinking businesses which are using them to raise standards in training and customer experience as well as, often, to reduce the costs associated with physical presence. But we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible.

“The technology is on the verge of mass adoption thanks to the likes of Facebook’s investment in hardware-maker Oculus and the work being done by other major hardware vendors. The uses we can put VR to for business are vast and so far largely unexplored. We want to open people’s eyes to that and take them into a whole new world, if you like – and this conference is a great way for them to get hands-on, see what’s possible and start thinking about the benefits for their business.”

The day-long conference will be held on April 30th at woote, Hadley Park, Telford, Shropshire

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