Complete vibration measurement system for large structures

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VIBbox combinations and multiple sensor inputs for acoustics and vibration can now be made for sound and vibration testing of large structures.

For acoustic, audio, and vibration testing on large structures such as aeroplane wings, turbines and trucks, Data Translation now offers the possibility to combine up to four VIBboxes to a complete system providing 256 channels for IEPE/ICP sensors or voltages. As every input has its own 24-bit A/D converter, the signals from sensors such as measurement microphones or accelerometers can be acquired simultaneously, synchronously and continuously at high sampling rates of up 51.2 kHz without time lapse or phase difference.

In addition to the 256 analogue inputs, the measurement system also provides 16 tachometer inputs as well as a wide range of counter/timers and digital I/O channels. The current source for the IEPE/ICP sensors is individually programmable for each analogue input. This allows the direct connection of standard acoustic and vibration measurement sensors or the measurement of voltages in a supported range of ±10 V or ±1 V. 32 analogue outputs with ultra-high 32-bit resolution can be used as a signal source for any waveform stimulus.

The system ships with the easy-to-use QuickDAQ data logging application with advanced FFT-based spectral analysis capabilities. The software package also includes 32/64-bit drivers for the standard Windows operating systems (Windows7/8/8.1/10) and a wide range of software tools and interfaces, eg for LabVIEW, MATLAB and .NET, as well as a comprehensive library for vibration analysis. This makes it easy for OEMs to develop custom applications with the VIBbox or with the DT9857E 16-channel module on which the VIBbox is based. As up to 16 of these USB modules can be connected together via a Sync Bus connector, it is highly scalable for measurement systems with 16 to 256 IEPE/ICP channels.

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