Company Update from Casella – Casella Continues Extensive Training Schedule for OSH: Webinars on Dust Monitoring and Vapour Sampling

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Casella is providing accessible training in dust monitoring and air sampling

From 2005 to the present, trends in employees working remotely have increased by 159%; more than 11x faster than the size the workforce as a whole has increased. Demand for flexible work practices has been on the rise, and resources to meet this demand are becoming more valuable and, given the ongoing global health situation, a necessity for many.

Casella, industry-leading world expert in monitoring solutions for dust monitoring and vapour sampling, has been committed to providing accessible training across its areas of core competency in the form of one-day introductory courses and on-site product training.

In 2020 Casella has expanded this commitment to offer remotely accessible, free webinars on subjects including workplace monitoring for dust, gas and vapour hazards, as well as instrumentation usage and best practice and introductory sessions on Occupational Health topics.

Throughout June and July Casella will be offering the following free webinars;

18th June Introduction to Personal Dust Monitoring

Covering the multiple different facets of employing air sampling pumps to monitor dust, this session will cover aspects including types of dust requiring measurement, equipment selection, calculation of airborne concentration and (most importantly) calculation of exposure. As with all Casella webinars, a Q+A session will be held at the end as required.

June 23rd – Setting up Air Sampling pumps

According to HSE figures, 13,000 deaths a year[2] are attributable to exposure to dust or chemicals in the workplace. Accurate monitoring procedures for workplace dust hazards are vital to maintaining worker health, and this is achieved through correct use of air sampling equipment. This webinar covers selecting correct sampling pumps, setting up a ‘sample train’ to ensure accurate flow and best practice for capturing quality data.

July 16th – Introduction to Personal Sampling of Vapours and Gases

Accurate logging of workplace exposure to vapours and gases is a key part of maintaining high occupational health standards and a solid grounding in the principles is essential training for workplace safety managers. This course covers selecting correct air sampling pumps and media, equipment calibration and selecting correct flow rate.

The full schedule of Casella 2020 webinars is available on the Casella website, and registration is free.

“We’ve worked to ensure that our webinars enable participants to gain substantial knowledge and confidence in each topic and a broad understanding of equipment, controls and best practices. At Casella, we’re dedicated to reducing occupational and environmental health risks through effective monitoring solutions. Our continuing innovation and training support ensures the next generation have the latest technology and expertise in occupational and environmental risk measurement”, says Tim Turney, Global Marketing Manager at Casella.

To find out more about Casella’s course schedule or book a place, visit or call +44(0)1234844100

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