Company Update from Axium Process – New Packaged High-Quality Water System is Good to Go

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New Packaged Low Conductivity Water System is Good to Go

Axium Process’ new “Good to Go” packaged water treatment system is designed for water purifying applications and delivers commercially sterile, sustainable, high-quality water, bypassing the need for ion exchange beds and chemical treatment processes.

The system, which utilises Reverse Osmosis technology, is being used for applications where low conductivity (salt removed) water is required and can be used in conjunction with complementary processes such as carbon filtration and ultraviolet (UV) treatment, providing a robust and versatile solution to tackle almost every water purification application.

Delivered as a packaged solution, requiring only minimal operator intervention and very low maintenance, Axium’s “Good to Go” system is supplied with high rejection low energy membranes, stainless steel housings and pipework throughout, cartridge filter, multiple sample points, conductivity monitor, feed pressure switches, variable area flow meters and an inverter-controlled pump as standard.

The company, which specialises in the design and build of membrane filtration systems, can provide “off the shelf” or “custom solutions” to suit specific requirements.

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