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Synchronisation system by Schaeffler and Diehl Metall

Schaeffler and Diehl Metall are working together on automotive drive system development using synchronisation systems.

Synchro rings and synchronisation systems are essential components in vehicle transmissions and determine the comfort of manual transmissions, automatic transmissions and double clutch transmissions. Synchronisation systems will also be needed in future applications of hybrid transmissions, some with new functions.

Schaeffler and Diehl Metall are now cooperating in this field. The manufacturing and development locations of both companies are close together in many regions. Now synchronisation systems can be manufactured in Germany, Brazil, China, India and Thailand, and customers can be served locally.

“With its comprehensive system and transmission expertise, Schaeffler is an ideal partner for Diehl Metall to meet customers’ increasing requirements for integrated synchronisation systems,” explains Jürgen Geise, CEO of Diehl Metall Schmiedetechnik. Gunter Hirt, product line manager at Schaeffler, adds: “This cooperation with Diehl Metall was an obvious decision in many regards, not only because of the proximity of our locations around the world, but also with regard to complementing our products as well as our development and manufacturing expertise. By combining both companies’ expertise, we will be able to provide transmission products today and in the future.”

Product advantages

Schaeffler and Diehl Metall offer two customised approaches with the Eco and Short System. The Eco System already permits the best possible efficiency and system performance with a standardised yet individually adjusted design.

The Short System fully utilises the potential offered by matched components and technologies for reducing the design space without sacrificing performance. Schaeffler Technologies Short Synchro (STSS) allows the axial design space of the transmission to be reduced by up to 25 per cent by consistently utilising the advantages offered by forming technology. Smaller tooth moduli and innovative detailed methods make it possible to maintain the relevant width of the friction cones that affect performance, the gear-tooth load and the clearance that is important for low drag torques. If the overall length reduction is implemented in the transmission structure, this may reduce the weight by up to 3.5kg and also reduce costs. The freed-up design space can be used in a number of ways depending on the application, such as increasing gear teeth performance or for drive train hybridisation.

Combined expertise from Germany

The Automotive division of Schaeffler develops and manufactures forward-looking products in the areas of engines, transmissions and chassis systems. The Schaeffler Group offers comprehensive technical expertise for the entire drive train. The spectrum of the group’s operating excellence includes components and systems for both vehicles with drive trains based on the internal combustion engine, as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

As a successful development partner to the international automotive industry, Diehl Metall is an expert in the synchronisation of manual transmissions. The company provides products for all performance areas, creating ideal requirements for customised systems for state-of-the-art engine and drive technologies.

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