Compact simulator drives development at Subaru

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Driving simulator for advanced vehicle development at Subaru

Engineers at Subaru now have access to a compact, office based professional driving simulator for prototyping and development.

Subaru Corporation has adopted the Compact Driving Simulator designed by VI-grade. The new simulator, fully equipped with VI-grade dedicated software as well as with active seat, active belts and steering assembly, was installed in Q1 2018 at the Subaru R&E Centre in Tochigi, Japan.

The Compact Simulator is the entry level system in the range of driving simulators provided by VI-grade. It features a driver’s seat, a fully-adjustable steering wheel, dashboard, pedals, gear stick and screens and it can be placed directly in an engineering office. It is ideal for those companies that want to start using a Driving Simulator to boost simulation activities and to test models in real-time, whilst getting a subjective feeling for the results.

“We have just completed the installation of the Compact Simulator from VI-grade at our premises in Tochigi, Japan” said Noritaka Hayashi, Manager of CAE Department, Subaru Corporation. “We will be using this driving simulator to perform all vehicle dynamics activities which fall under the Simulator Aided Engineering (SAE) definition, in particular for vehicle development in close combination with CAE. We expect to further expand the application of this technology to other areas of our vehicle development process.”

“We are delighted to report the installation of our driving simulator technology at Subaru Corporation”, said Toru Yoshii, Managing Director, VI-grade Japan. “The group was looking for a driving simulator for vehicle development applications and we are proud of having the chance to use our professional compact driving simulator at this important Japanese customer.”

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