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JOT M10 six slider test box

The JOT M10 tester is available for functional, high voltage and RF testing in development and fast moving production environments.

JOT Automation has introduced the modular JOT M10 Test Concept with the highest test capacity in a tiny footprint. The compact JOT M10 enables the reliable testing of a full range of applications with a single platform on fast-moving factory floors. The JOT M10 automates functional, ICT, high voltage, SW download and RF testing with rapidly deployable, plug-and-play type test boxes, handlers and racks.

“All common tests used in industrial electronics can be automated with the JOT M10. It is a very scalable product supporting a variety of capacity requirements and test strategies. The concept allows the simultaneous testing of different applications and system reusability with the help of standard test handlers and flexible SW architecture,” states Mika Puttonen, Program Manager at JOT Automation.

The modular system architecture enables easy adaptation to production volume variations during product life cycles and also between the production lines and factories. The same product can be taken from R&D to volume production, securing an efficient and swift production ramp up.

“Each test box has a dedicated area for application-specific electronics and product-specific fixturing. Test boxes can be used off-line and later taken to volume production simply by integrating boxes with the handler without any modifications to the boxes.”

It is easy to connect JOT M10 handlers and lines to different kinds of production environments and monitor them remotely in real time. The always-connected M10 concept is a perfect match with more and more networked production environments.

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