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Renault Twizy Cargo electric delivery vehicle

European cities could see greener courier and maintenance services thanks to a new all-electric compact delivery vehicle from Renault.

With full weather protection for the driver, all-electric propulsion, Renault battery leasing, the safety of four wheels, an air bag and four-point seat belt for the driver, the Renault Twizy Cargo provides a viable alternative to couriers and delivery personnel that currently use scooters.

The vehicle has been delivering greener pizzas in Paris for a year and the success of the miniature electric LCV has been so good that the French car manufacturer is now making it available in other European countries.

Based on the established Twizy passenger car, the Cargo has had the rear seats stripped out and replaced with a 180 litre (or 75kg) capacity boot which is sufficient to accommodate around 15 large pizzas or a fairly robust toolkit.

Renault is marketing the Twizy Cargo to city couriers and service companies that respond to lift failures or other similar maintenance tasks in an urban environment.

The all-electric Cargo features a small footprint with its length a little over the width of a standard family car, making it possible to park it perpendicularly to the kerb providing easy access to its boot from the pavement. The scissor-action gull wing doors also make getting in and out of the car easier in tight parking spaces.

Additionally, the “no frills” colouring of the Cargo makes it easy for companies to customise its look with decals and corporate liveries.

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