Compact desktop temperature controller

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Desktop temperature controller

Programmable temperature controller holds profiles in non-volatile memory for conducting soak testing.

The 5R6-900 benchtop temperature controller from Oven Industries has been designed as a compact unit with simple controls and interfaces for use in laboratories or in industrial environments for temperature control applications.

The unit has its own power supply and can be plugged into standard mains outlets independently from other equipment and is capable of loading currents up to 10A.

The 5R6-900 also features an electrically isolated RS232 communication port and can be connected to a PC from which temperature cycling or other control programmes can be downloaded to non-volatile memory. It can be then disconnected from the computer once the profile parameters are in place.

The controller features an easy-to-read digital display for controlling functions, including adjusting output voltage and setting the desired temperature. Complete with an auto output shutdown if the sensor is opened or shorted, the unit also includes high, low and no alarm settings. These operate on the basis of a primary control sensor and an optional secondary sensor.

Two DC point-to-point connections are also included which can be used to drive 24V auxiliary devices such as fans or solenoids. The precision temperature control unit is capable of providing control stability to within 0.01 degrees.

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