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Harman extends its collaborative work on vehicle connectivity by joining the intelligent car coalition.

By joining the connected car public policy advocacy group that supports innovation in the field, Harman will collaborate with companies and trade associations in the communications and automotive industries to support understanding of how connected car technologies impact federal legislative and regulatory initiatives in the USA.

Existing members include communications and telecom companies, vehicle manufacturers and trade organisations, all of whom share an interest in forming public policies relating to the critical issues associated with the rising phenomenon of vehicle connectivity. Such issues include the potential for distracted driving, the problems of data privacy and information security as well as the challenges of vehicle autonomy.

Commenting on Harman’s expertise in connected car technology and how the company can benefit the group, the Intelligent Car Coalition’s Catherine McCullough said, “We are delighted that Harman will share its unmatched perspective to further conversations in Washington that determine how fast and how far these beneficial technologies can advance.”

With a focus on developing connected car innovations that improve driver safety and vehicle security, Harman has more than 2000 patents in key areas such as safety, navigation and connectivity.

Commenting on Harman’s position in the automotive industry with the company’s equipment installed in over 25 million vehicles globally, Harman’s Paula Davis explained how the company is committed to the development of products that improve safety, security and connectivity.

“Joining the Intelligent Car Coalition allows us to further connected car policies through collaboration with industry and public sector partners to protect automotive customers and the driving public,” she concluded.

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