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AutoVu Managed Service from Genetec is enabling the city of Richmond to focus on parking rather than managing on-premises ANPR servers.

Users of Genetec’s Security Center IP security platform for video surveillance systems now have access to outsourced managed services for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. The new Autovu Managed Service from Genetec releases the user from the necessity to manage on-premises storage and IT management through the use of Genetec’s cloud service.

Fixed ANPR cameras (also referred to as License Plate Recognition or LPR) can be deployed in large car parking applications enabling the user to manage occupancy and access control using AutoVu, such as one installation in the US city of Richmond in Virginia.

Previously, Richmond had used on-premises servers which the city authorities were having to manage with its own staff. Performance was poor, server utilisation was as low as 55% and IT conflicts were frequent. As a result, the city authorities adopted AutoVu and handed over the server management to Genetec in the cloud.

According to the city’s on-street parking manager, Javon Barner, the move resulted in immediate benefits including 99% uptime and ease of management. “AutoVu Managed Services allows us to focus on parking, while Genetec experts handle the technology,” he said.

The ability for parking managers to handle their own area of expertise whilst leaving the technology to the service provider is a benefit also re-iterated by Genetec’s Business Development Manager, Chris Yigit, who said, “We created AutoVu Managed Services specifically for customers who are challenged by cost, server space limitations and management of on premises hardware and IT support issues. With the AutoVu ALPR system hosted in the cloud, configuration and maintenance are entrusted to Genetec technicians, for easy deployment, management and support.”

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