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Ready to Assemble C2C modular cleanroom

Controlled environments for the production of medical ventilators for the healthcare industry can be achieved with modular cleanrooms.

Cleanroom design and build specialist, Connect 2 Cleanrooms has issued a statement on its capability to contribute to the accelerated demand for medical ventilator production.

According to C2C’s CEO, Joe Govier, any organisation that is looking for a quick-to-production cleanroom manufacturing environment to support the UK Government’s efforts to increase ventilator production is welcome to contact the company.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms has been supplying equipment and expertise to the aerospace, automotive, medical device and healthcare industries for two decades and has the flexibility to meet current increased requirements from the healthcare sector.

“We have contacted the BEIS Business Support Helpline to offer our contamination control services and are also reaching out to manufacturers directly due to the urgency of the situation. With our agility and expertise in this area, we can help organisations be quick to production,” says Govier.

C2C keeps stock of standard size modular cleanrooms and these are offered with optional installation and validation, but also with clear self-assembly instructions and validation equipment. Bespoke cleanrooms are also available, with in-house capabilities to expedite the design process.

Highest priority

“We plan to give any organisations looking to support this effort the highest priority and are already ramping up production in support of this industry drive,” continues Govier.

The company’s cleanroom environments are modular with ceiling-mounted HEPA fan filter units to remove particulate contamination, with no requirement for plant space. This makes them a simple system to upgrade an existing factory to achieve particle counts as determined by ISO 14644-1:2015.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms also offers cleanroom validation services and continual environmental monitoring to ensure clean facilities meet the requirements of ISO 13485, as well as the PPE and cleaning products needed to control particulate and microbial contamination.

“We appreciate this is a difficult time for many, but we have always championed the power of the British manufacturing industry and we truly believe that as a collective we will rise to the challenges that lie ahead,” he concludes.

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